Bulk Mailing

Bulk mail is simply large volumes of direct mail marketing pieces which may consist of letters, postcards, newsletters and other similar products sent to different addresses, mainly for marketing purposes.

Finding a cost-effective and easy way to send marketing directly at the doorsteps of your prospects and clients will save your business a lot of money if you can take advantage of direct mail bulk mail rates. If you are sending a lot of direct mail regularly, then this is the option for you.

EDDM Size and Design that will leave an impression

Bulk mailing services is a cost-effective mailing system for your business. If you’re just sending a few envelopes here and there, bulk mailing isn’t for you. But in case your business is sending out hundreds of postcards or flyers or magazines at once, taking advantage of bulk rates can save your business a fortune on annual mailing costs.

DIY Bulk Mailing

Typically bulk mailing in-house process involves a lot of leg work by yourself. You can follow the process below to send bulk mails

  1. List of names and addresses where you will send your direct mailing
  2. Designing marketing material for your Business Mailers
  3. Print your marketing material mailers
  4. Obtaining a permit from USPSP and paying an annual mailing fee for USPS Marketing Mail and/or First-Class Mail (No permit is required for EDDM.)
  5. Paying for postage through postage meters, permit imprint, or precanceled stamps
  6. Picking the size, shape and weight of your bulk mailings
  7. Confirming that your receiver addresses are correct
  8. Presorting the pieces of mail by ZIP code
  9. Then finally you have to transport your mailing to the post office from where you have obtained a mailing permit.

This surely can save your business a decent amount of money instead of using a service. But as with most of the DIY process, this DIY Bulk Mailing process is going to end up being a headache for you. It is easy for you to get lost while preparing your marketing pieces. Not only this you will end up spending a lot of time which you would have spent on improving your business.

If you are looking for a complete Direct Mail Bulk Rate solution, then we can help you. You can leave everything to us from planning, designing to printing to shipping your marketing material.

Requirements for Bulk Mailing

You need to meet the minimum volume requirements to qualify for bulk mailing as stated by the USPS. It depends on the type of mail option selected. In case you do not meet these conditions you can send out direct mail items, but no bulk discounts will apply in that case.

  1. The smallest number of you can send is 500 pieces using first-class mail.
  2. At least 50 pounds or a minimum of 200 pieces of direct mail are required for sending USPS marketing mail.
  3. Minimum 300 pieces are required for sending carrier route mail or presorted mail in bulk.
  4. Please note that the minimum volume requirements should be fulfilled for every mailing campaign and are not dependent on the time period, such as monthly or yearly.